I work with people focussed businesses who are passionate about what they do. I specialise in personal branding portraits and lifestyle photography that will help you make a real and authentic connection with your audience.
What Is A Personal Brand Portrait?
Personal brand portraits are images of you which communicate your story and your brand to your clients. People buy from people and offering them an insight into who you are will add authenticity to your brand message.
Personal Branding Portraits. Why?
Developing an authentic connection with your audience is the most important thing to be considered when reviewing your branding. Authenticity comes from images that tell the story of you to your audience in a way they can identify with. Portraits do this fantastically well.
Trust in your brand is conveyed when those authentic, story-telling portraits are high quality and professionally presented. You can get authenticity with a mobile phone selfie but authenticity and trust is built with professional portraits. Developing a great personal brand doesn’t happen overnight but the effort is generously rewarded with more trust, more exposure and greater loyalty from your audience.
Social Media And Personal Branding
Personal branding images offer an effective way to let your audience identify with you and your brand. They are aspirational images which help you reach your audience at a personal and emotional level. They help build loyalty with your brand and become sharable assets that help you reach a larger audience.
Make sure that your marketing plan includes personal brand images!
Why should you invest in a personal brand portrait?
If you are your business or your business trades in part on you as a person it makes sense it should be your face which clients associate with the business? Even with more than one person in the business, personal brand portraits allow clients to see the human side of the business and encourages them in the choice they have made to trade with you.
By investing in a personal brand portrait session you will gain a unique set of images which you can use across your social media and marketing channels. These images will give you a competitive advantage. If your client identifies with you as a person, no-one else can replace you as their preferred choice because there is no-one else that can be you.
What’s the difference between a brand portrait shoot and a headshot?
Quite simply the personal brand portrait offers an extra layer of authenticity and trust to your brand and your business.
A headshot portrait is suitable for LinkedIn and social media profile pictures but it lacks the focus on personality and story that personal brand portraits offer.
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