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Lifestyle photography?
As a lifestyle photographer I capture real-life situations authentically. The purpose is to share a story through candid, un-staged images. It mixes the disciplines of portrait, editorial and product photography to help you and your business connect with your customers. Lifestyle photography is perfect for showing off your product or service in a more authentic and relatable way.
Personal lifestyle sessions
Lifestyle sessions aren't only for business. Lifestyle sessions are a fantastic way to celebrate life milestones too. Moving house, completing a project, travel and family & relationships are all fantastic reasons to celebrate what you have achieved!
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About Me
Daniel Rannoch
I’ve been telling stories all my life. Written, spoken and photographed. Telling people’s stories is what I’m passionate about.
I’ve moved a lot. I’ve lived in England, Ireland, France and now Scotland. Living in all those different places has allowed me to see things with an open mind and a curiosity that feeds into how I create images. Now that I’ve made Edinburgh my home I get to enjoy its vibrancy and culture and it’s the perfect hub to work as a photographer.
I specialise in portraits and branding. It’s the natural progression from my love of storytelling and people centric imagery.
I work in association with Fern Photography, which specialises in weddings and lifestyle photography
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